Saturday, 6 December 2008

Raining Again.

More rain. Far to many things about this part of Spain remind me of north Wales and Snowdonia. Dark grey slate rooves and lots of rain mostly. Never mind, I have a portrait to complete from a photograph. That can be done in a cafe. Other commissions need outdoor space and dry weather. Hopefully tomorrow, but this rain, like in Wales, looks like it's going to hang around for days.

I'm whistling to myself again, so things can't be to bad. Today's tune; Walk a While With Me' - Ian McNabb. Links to his MySpace from the 'friends' links on my MySpace.

The albergue here is actually the nicest and friendliest I have stayed in yet. A good bunch of people. Some of these places aren't to bad at all.

Off to the Tourist Information office to look for pictures I can sketch in a dry place. Feeling loads better after a good meal and good nights sleep, but really need to up a gear on the cash making front. I've seriously underestimated costs over the next leg.

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