Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Madrid for a Day.

Absolutely shattered. I now know not to expect any sleep on a night train in Spain.

Tried selling on the streets of Santiago yesterday evening. Nada. Policia Local told me to move, so I took that as my que to head to the train station. Some sketching here if I can find a nice pedestrianised plaza. Probably not. I don't really like Madrid. First visit for about Seven years. I prefer the suburbs and contempoarary Madrid to the city center. To many roads, to many cars, to few big, wide plazas.

First ride on an underground since January 2005! First visit to any city of any great size for a few years. Despite being extremely tired, I've sort of just dropped straight back into the pace of things.

I suspect the police won't allow me to sketch by the palaces. I may venture into the modern part of town and sketch some contemporary architecture in large scale.

Night bus back to Granada and immediately to work when I get there. Already fucked. It's going to be a very stressful few days :(

But, then I can head on to Alicante and start pilgrimage number Two :)

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