Sunday, 28 December 2008

All Aboard the Night Train.

To Madrid. Tomorrow night, provided I make the necessary cash tomorrow. Almost there.

Interesting Drops Number 17: Three lottery tickets. "You never know" the man said. And, I guess you don't. By this time tomorrow I may be one of the World's richest pilgrims. On the other hand, I may well still be that elusive €50 away from a safe passage back to Granada and on to Alicante. We shall see.

Met some good people today. Plenty of numbers and emails exchanged for future meets. Another HUGE thank you. You know who you are. I'll be in touch some day - I'm afraid that's a promise whether you like it, or not :)

Last night here. What to do on a rainy evening in Santiago with very little spare cash? Suppose I could carry on working. Try to sell sketches under the arches. Better to pick up an extra Tenner than to spend another.

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eva said...

As you can see i finally managed to leave a comment. It was probably a problem with my computer. I just mailed you the photos. Have a great trip!