Friday, 5 December 2008

Villafranca del Bierzo

Last night didn't quite go as expected :D

Got about 10KM in and the rain came again, so I took shelter in the porch of an empty house. Rain didn't stop and I found an small 25 Litre oil drum to make a stove and stayed the night. Relatively easy walk into Villafranca del Bierzo in the morning. Small town deep in the valleys and sheltered by mountains on all sides. Apparently referred to as 'Little Santiago'. Very pretty and very friendly. Once again I find people bending over backwards to help in this part of Spain. Sold sketches and commissions lined up for tomorrow. Hopefully, the weather will hold out.

Albergue problem seems to have gone away. I have equal rights with the professional cheating pilgrims now, but I really don't feel a part of the community thing. Having to rough it with flu has left me feeling more than a little excluded. I'm using the places for the sake of a cheap bed and nothing more now. Finding far friendlier and more welcoming people in the villages and towns I pass through. That's pretty much the way it's been since I set off.

May stay here a couple if nights if I can source a cheap bed beyond tonight.

It's been a tough week. Surely it can't get any tougher?

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